Financial Transparency Reporting

Welcome to The City of La Marque's online Financial Transparency Report. In these economic times, the city feels the taxpayers deserve to know that their tax dollars are used wisely. Therefore the City has now created a new section on the city website dedicated to this information. It includes city budgets, city CAFR reports, and unclaimed property-money reports. Information will be updated as available.

Gold Leadership
The City of La Marque was awarded the Gold Leadership Circle Award by the State of Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. The City has been awarded this award for 2010 and 2011.
Gold status leadership circle award icon
  1. City Budgets

    View a list of City Budgets for La Marque and really get to know what they are spending tax dollars on.

  2. City CAFR & Single Audit Reports

    View a list of Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports and Single Audit Reports compiled by the La Marque Finance Department to make government more transparent for the citizens.

  3. Check Registers

  4. Unclaimed Property - Money Reports

    View a list of unclaimed property and money reports for the City of La Marque.

  5. H.B. No. 1378 Disclosure

    Texas HB 1378 Debt Obligation Information Report

  6. H.B. No. 3693 Report

    H.B. No. 3693 requires all subdivisions of the State of Texas to publicly disclose their consumption and spending for electricity, water and natural gas.

  7. Boards and Commissions Financials

    Boards and Commissions Financials