Municipal Court

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Municipal Court is to accurately, expeditiously, and courteously perform the clerical and ministerial duties required in the due process adjudication of misdemeanor violations of the law and ordinances filed in the Municipal Court of the City of La Marque. The Municipal Court is responsible for processing all traffic violations and other misdemeanor charges. The Court compiles statistical reports for the Texas Judicial Council and reports all moving traffic violations to the Texas Department of Public Safety.


  1. Court Room Rules

    View a list of court room rules for the La Marque Municipal Court.

  2. Defensive Driving

    Learn about the defensive driving class that is available to take if you would like to have your driving citation dismissed.

  3. Deferred Disposition

    Discover how to be eligible and not eligible for a deferred disposition in La Marque, Texas.

  4. Directions to Court Room

    View step by step directions to the La Marque Municipal Court North from Galveston or South from Houston.

  5. Juror Information Qualifications & Exemptions

    View a list of examples for when you qualify or are exempt from jury duty as well as a list of frequently asked questions.

  6. Municipal Court Documents / Forms

    View a list of documents and / or forms related to the La Marque Municipal Court.

  7. Payment Options

    Discover how to make a payment to the La Marque Municipal Court.

  8. Staff Directory

    View a list of Municipal Court Staff Members with contact information in La Marque, Texas.

  9. Violation / Fine List

    View a complete list of violations and their perspective fine amounts in La Marque, Texas.

  10. Violation Dismissals

    View a list of charges that have the possibility of being dismissed by the La Marque Court.

  11. Warrants

    Find out the circumstances for a warrant to be issued and what the consequences are in La Marque, Texas.

  12. Youth Offenders

    Discover what constitutes as a youth offender in La Marque, Texas.

  13. Docket Calendar

    Municipal Court Docket

  14. Reports

    Reports for Office of Court Administration Appointments and Fees