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Forms Accumulated Trash/Rubbish
Forms Alley - various
Forms Athletic Field Conditions
Forms Broken concrete
Forms Buckled Street
Forms Children's Birthday Visits
Forms Clogged Ditches
Forms Clogged drain
Forms Code Violation - House
Forms Code Violation - Sign
Forms Commend a City Employee
Forms Cracked Approach to Driveway
Forms Cruelty/Agression
Forms Damaged Storm Sewer Manhole
Forms Delapidated Structure
Forms Dig out ditch
Forms Do Not Litter - Signs
Forms Dress Ups
Forms EMS Billing Question
Forms Fence Nuisances
Forms Final Utility Inspection
Forms Fire Code Violations
Forms Fire Hydrant Leaking
Forms Fire Hydrant Painted
Forms General Concern / Inquiry (No Category Listed)
Forms General Inquiry
Forms Grading/Fill Without Permit
Forms Illegal Business
Forms Illegal Occupancy
Forms Leak from Storm Sewer Manhole
Forms Line Locates
Forms Loose/Stray Animals
Forms Meter Box Inspection
Forms Misc. Code Enforcement Issue
Forms New Sign
Forms Non-Functional Lighting
Forms Non-Functional Restroom Fixtures / Drinking Fountains
Forms Overgrown City R.O.W
Forms Overgrown drainage ditch
Forms Overgrown Grass at City Property
Forms Overgrown Grass/Weeds
Forms Parade / Special Event Permit Request
Forms Park Restroom Cleanliness/Restocking
Forms Parks related Ants / Bees / Wasps
Forms Parks related Event Setup
Forms Parks related Litter / Trash
Forms Parks related mowing
Forms Parks related Signage
Forms Parks related Trees/Limbs
Forms Parks related Vandalism
Forms Pickup Dead Animal in City Right Away
Forms Playgrounds
Forms Police Department - Compliments or Concerns
Forms Pot Hole
Forms Recycling Issue
Forms Report a Concern About City Employee Conduct
Forms Report a Damaged Fire Hydrant
Forms Report a Water Meter Issue
Forms Report an Abandoned/Junk Vehicle
Forms Report an issue with a City trash container (dumpster)
Forms Report Graffiti
Forms Report Other Animal Issue (Dead, Injured Animals, etc.)
Forms Report Traffic and Parking Concerns
Forms Report Watering Violations
Forms Request Brush or Heavy Limbs / Tree Trunks Pickup
Forms Request From the District Attorney's Office
Forms Request trash pickup of large items
Forms Requests for Police Records
Forms Reservation form for Pavilion at Highland Bayou Park
Forms RV violation
Forms Sewer Back Ups / Leaks
Forms Sewer Tap Inspection
Forms Side Walk in Need of Repair
Forms Sinkhole
Forms Solid Waste Questions
Forms Stop Sign-New
Forms Street Light - New
Forms Street Light Outage
Forms Street Repair - following water/sewer line repair
Forms Street Repair - Major
Forms Street Sign Repair
Forms Streets Striping
Forms Suggest Parks Improvements
Forms Sunken Street
Forms Televised Sevice Line Request
Forms Traffic Signal Outage
Forms Tree Nuisances
Forms Unsafe Pool / Stagnant Water
Forms Violations of City Ordinance/Code
Forms Water Leaks
Forms Water Quality
Forms Water Tap Inspection
Forms Wildlife/Nuisance
Forms Work without Permit