Revision of Code of Ordinance Chapter 5

The City of La Marque is announcing the revision of Chapter 5 of the La Marque Code of Ordinances which addresses Alarm Systems. Chapter 5 was revised in early 2009, but due to logistical limitations enforcement of the ordinance was impractical until now.

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In accordance with Chapter 5, all businesses and residences equipped with an alarm system are required to register that alarm system with the City of La Marque. Alarm permit applications are available from City Hall or the Police Department in paper form. Alarm permit fees are $20 for residential permits (PDF) and $100 for commercial permits (PDF); all permits are valid for 1 year.

Further Information

All alarm locations must be permitted no later than January 31, 2011. All inquiries should be addressed to the City of La Marque Permit Department at 409-938-9204 or the La Marque Police Department's Administrative Services Division at 409-938-9251.