Emergency Siren System

About the System

The Emergency Siren System is designed to alert the citizens of Texas City and La Marque to potential dangers where sheltering-in-place is in the best interest of the public. These may include situations such as a chemical spill, accidental chemical release, or weather related situations, e.g. tornadoes.

Through the generosity of local industry, a total of eleven new sirens were installed this summer - 2 in La Marque and 9 in Texas City. As in the past, the sirens are exercised for 30 seconds each Wednesday at Noon. This weekly testing is conducted by the City of Texas City.

Disaster Information

When the sirens sound, the public should move indoors as quickly as possible to shelter-in-place (PDF).

Additionally, citizens may tune to 530 AM radio or Channel 16 on their cable television station for the most current information on the emergency as it becomes available.

Another option is to choose any major television station in the Houston area for updates. These types of situations are often fluid and up-to-date information may be obtained from these stations as they often have live broadcasts of the event.

Emergency Alerts

An emergency notification telephone ring-down system alerts the public at home with a recorded message of emergencies. You also have the option to receive notifications via cell phone, text or email. Register for emergency notifications.

Emergency Operations Center

The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is activated when the Mayor deems it necessary or a level 3 incident occurs. All necessary resources meet in the EOC to manage resources to assist the public and to manage the situation by deploying personnel to areas that need aid.