Citizen Complaints

As members of the La Marque Police Department (LMPD), we strive to ensure that our encounters with the Public are helpful and that the Citizen walks away with a fond impression of the Department. We do recognize, however, that it is impossible to please all Citizens in every Citizen-Police encounter.


It is the policy of the La Marque Police Department to investigate all complaints of alleged employee misconduct, to adequately determine whether the allegations are valid or invalid and to take appropriate action. The complaint process is designed to:

  • Enhance the LMPD Written Directive system by identifying deficiencies in the Department's procedures
  • Enhance the professionalism of the La Marque Police Department
  • Identify and correct behavior deemed inappropriate or improper
  • Protect the Employee, the Community, and the Department

Citizens feeling that they have a legitimate concern may make a formal complaint to the La Marque Police Department at any time by calling any member of this department for information on the complaint process. Additional information about this process may be obtained by calling Police Administration at 409-938-9229.

Complaint Form

Complaints may be submitted via the Citizen Complaint Packet (PDF) provided by the La Marque Police Department. The forms are also available upon request at the La Marque Police Department. Unsigned or anonymous complaints shall be initially reviewed as an administrative inquiry.

Racial Profiling

The La Marque Police Department supports the 77th Texas Legislature's mandate prohibiting racial profiling in Texas. Our officers work under a departmental policy that is consistent with all state and federal laws. The policy includes provisions for citizens to notify us if they have a conflict with a La Marque Police Department police officer.

Officer - Citizen Disagreements

The La Marque Police Department realizes that there will be disagreements, from time to time, with individuals that come in contact with our officers. We realize that confusion, different perceptions or possibly the timeliness of information could result in information that may produce different accounts of the same incident.

These disagreements between citizens and officers need to be addressed. We trust that the vast majority of contacts between citizens and officers are conducted in a positive, professional manner. The relationship between the community and our officers is based on confidence and trust. We cannot be effective without both the community and our officers working together to achieve this goal.

Department Policy

It is the policy of this department that incidents which involve a difference of opinion between a Police Officer and a citizen, solely over the guilt or innocence of an offense, shall not be investigated officially. Complainants in such cases shall be advised to pursue adjudication through the court system. No documentation will be required in these specific instances.

Positive Police Encounters

The La Marque Police Department would also like to know about positive police encounters. Please write or e-mail the Chief of Police a letter or note to let him know about a positive encounter with an officer. The Chief of Police will let the officer know about such appreciative comments and a copy will be placed in the officer's personnel folder.

We are very proud of the relationship the La Marque Police Department shares with the community. Our longstanding goal is to provide our citizens with a safe community where all may live without the fear of crime.